The 31 day $100 challenge

Tomorrow is October 1st, and I have a challenge for the next 31 days.  I will try to earn at least $100 in ad revenue from this blog in the next 31 days.  At $3/1000 page views, that will mean that I need 1000+ hits a day.  I have only been able to get around 400 hits on any one day with the average being around 15 hits a day.  That one day I got 400 hits was from posting an article about Google and Microsoft on  This is going to be a challenge, but I have a plan.

1) Create a list of 31 topics to write about over the next 31 days. 

2) Begin writing all 31 articles today.

3) Really polish the articles as best I can.  Go through at least 3 edit cycles.  Each article will be between 500-1500 words.  They will be about topics that should spur a lot of interest.

4) Publish one article per day.  Put links on,,, any relavent newsgroups, one web groups, and any other sites we can find.

5) Try to write at least 5 other pieces a day about various subjects.

So, let’s see if we can do it.  $100 in ad revenue in 31 days.  (We will not be including donations or affiliate revenue.  Only Google Adsense will count.)

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