A note about traffic and revenue

Steve Pavlina says that he earns $300/day from his site.  Last month I got about 1000 hits and about $3 in ad revenue.  So to get $300/day would mean 100,000 hits per day.  This is an unbelievable increase from the current traffic, but I do not think it is impossible.

There are several ways to get there.  First off, better content and more of it will allow me to get more hits through searches like Google (60% of current traffic).  Second, some well written, relavent articles with posts from Digg.com (9% of current traffic), Reddit.com, and Slashdot could cause traffic to ballon.  I posted a simple article yesterday about a tutoring service in India.  It was a short and poorly written article.  The headline and description on Digg.com and Reddit.com was not all that good.  Yet, that was an instant 100+ hits.  Third, if I could develop focus areas with interested people around those areas that visited regularily (12% of traffic, mostly me, I think) could really increase the traffic.  There are several blogs that I visit almost daily such as Thomas P.M. Barnett’s blog which is focused on geo-politices/economics/military and Engadget which is focused on all the latest gadets.

There are several focus areas that I would be interested in including “learning Hindi”, economics, and programming.  I might need to create several subsites focused around these areas.  Learning Hindi is focused enough.  Economics is a little too large.  I need to narrow the focus on a particular area of economics such as development economcis or labor economics or perhaps a region such as Texas or India.  Programming is also broad, but I think I could focus that on productivity plugin and tools.  How to do things quicker in Outlook, Visio, etc.

These are just some ideas.  I am still searching for a $300/day plan that I can commit to and implement.  If you have some ideas or suggestions, please leave them in the comments below.

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