Mr. Price, I believe…

The professor walked into the classroom promptly at 1 PM, the beginning of class.  As he walked across the room to a front row seat on the far end of the classroom, he said, “Mr. Price, I believe you have problem to show us.”

 The previous class, he had asked for volunteers to work problem 1.  I had thought I could work out the solution, but as I went through my notes and tried to think through it on the board, I realized that I needed more time.  The professor had given me two more days to work on it.

 I had a solution worked out the previous night.  I had the proof figured out to several line by line statements.  I began to present my proof.  There were several parts where students had questions.   For 70 minutes I was there working the problem, answering the questions, explaining and re-explaining.  I did not feel nervous.  I did not freeze up.  I was completely focused on the problem, explaining, and answering the questions.  It was very fun!  It was very draining.  But I think I really would like to teach math more. 

Both a fellow student and the professor said I had done a good job.

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