Yes To Mars

“Yes to Mars” is not enough.  We need to say “Yes to Space.”  “Yes to making humans spacefaring.”

We could have an Apollo-like mission to Mars that would achieve nothing.   Launching everything from the earth.  Or we could become spacefaring.  Learning how to use the resources of space to explore space.

We need to learn how to mine the resources of space.  Learn how to manufacture in space.  The moon would be a great place to start.

We are getting the transportation sorted out:

Getting into orbit:

Moving between orbits with  ULA Aces:

We have habitation on the way:

Moon Express has their mission approved ready to launch later in 2017 year:

CIS Lunar 1000 is the right vision:

And then we can go to MARS and to everywhere else.

Why? (Science, challenge, next step.  What this:)

Why? (Backing up the biosphere:

How?  (Getting there: vision)

How & Why?  (Musk’s talk from IAC September 27, 2016)

National Geography – Mars: