Javascript and Ruby Framework

Speaker: Wynn Netherland  (  web:  blog:


Ruby: Rails, Merb, Camping, Sinatra

Javascript: Prototype,, jWuery, MooTools, UI, ExtJS

Yehuda Katz

April 2009 – Katz’ new book:  Merb in action..

Abstract Browser quirks

Extend Language

Nifty Ajaxification


Prototype ( –

– integrated with rails

-Effects: appear, fade, blinds, puff

– drag & drop

– builder


jQuery –

Simpler Ajax

designed for plugins


–eye candy – lots of cool designs



good with data manipulation… grids..  themed like windows controls.  Good for apps trying to recreate a desktop application in the browser.



Widgets: tabs, grids, date pickers, dialogs, panels, sliders


jQuery UI project…  (

Prototype – LivePipe UI –


SproutCore – Javascript based; MVC in the browser





supports testing…


HTML 5 datastore – SproutCore does this…  (HTML 5 datastore)




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