Look and Feel update of ISpeakHindi.com

A coworker of mine had created a new template for ISpeakHindi.com.  I got most of the site updated last night.  I had actually taken several pieces from various places and updating the look of the entire site was some what of a challenge.   First their were static pages for the front page, about us, and the dictionary (which was just over 20 pages).  Then there was a PHP script to manage the links directory.  That was straight forward.  Then there was creating a wordpress theme.

I’ve never created a wordpress theme, so I spent several minutes making changes to an existing theme.  Then I decided that I really should try this when I am more awake.  So, that will be tonight’s activity to update the wordpress theme to match the rest of the site.

Go over to www.ISpeakHindi.com and let me know what you think.

Morning at the Houston Zoo

My wife found out about a month ago that we were members of the Houston Zoo.  We have been members off and on for the past five years, so her suprise was a suprise to me :-)  Anyway, now she wants to maximize her value.  So, she wants to go every Saturday. 

 Here in Houston in the summer, it gets very hot very quickly.  So, her idea has been to get there at opening time and to stay an hour or two.  Last Saturday we got there at 9:30, which is 30 minutes past the opening time.  This saturday, we got up early and tried to leave the house at 8, but ending up leaving closer to 8:30.  We get there right at 9:15 and a guy at the gate tells us about “Member Mornings”.  The zoo has a special session with a zookeeper every second saturday just for members.  Today it was for the specticaled bears.  We got to watch them eat and get let out of their cages to the display.  We also got to talk to the zoo keeper.

We also saw an African Crowned Crane.  We saw one of these at the Animal Kingdom Lodge during our summer vacation.  We saw the elephants, warthog, meerkats, and several other animals.  At about 10:30, they were tired of looking at animals and it had gotten very hot so we left.

Went to the UH library to return some books.  Went to WalMart to pick up two T-shirts for the children since they had decided to pour the water bottles on themselves in the car to cool off.  They were soaking wet, and we wanted to eat.  Then off to Lubby’s.  My youngest son saw fried okra and thought it was chicken nuggets.  He was convinced they had chicken nuggets and said that was all he wanted.  So, I asked them if they had chicken nuggets, and they said they could make it.  I never realized that Lubby’s had some “by request” items.  I thought you only could get what was on the servering line.

Now we are all at home, trying to rest up this evenings events.


24 TV Series – Season 1

24 - Season One  I just learned about 24 at Microsoft TechEd in Boston this past June.  Cloe was part of the keynote address, and I found her character to be very funny.  After talking to my co-workers about it, I decided it was something that I needed to check out.  So, I was able find Season 4 in Walmart.  My wife and I watched that in about a week, and we were hooked.  So, for my wife’s birthday, I got here seasons I, II, and III to complete our collection.

Each season is exactly 1 day.  Each episode represents 1 hour of real time.  At the end of each episode, you are on the end of your chair wondering what is going to happen in the next episode.

There is very little connection between the seasons, so I did not feel we missed much just watching Season 4.  However, there are somethings that we know while watching Season 1, that takes away some of the suprise.  For that reason, it makes sense to watch them in order.

I highly recommend the series.  And more importantly, I suggest you start watching it on a Friday afternoon so as not to impact your work.