What is Zanesville?


Actually it should be, where is Zanesville.  The answer is in Ohio.  Why are people searching for it?  Well, some exotic animals (wolf, grizzly bear, mountain lion, and others) were left out loose.   How often do you see this?


Google News:



This is one of those local news stories that grab national attention.  If you were a blogger or a news site in Zanesville and you wrote a blog post about this today, then you could be the center of national attention.  You could have links to your site from many national sites, and you would have more traffic than you know what to do with.

A friend of mine has a Real Estate site, and he wrote an article about a local plane crash.  He was one of the only sources for information about this.  If you have a local event happen, you might want to piggyback on it by posting a little information about it.

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