Teleprompter is #19 on Google Trends list…. how?



politico POLITICO
Report: A truck carrying President Obama’s podium, teleprompterand audio equipment was stolen in Richmond, Va.:

washingtonpost The Washington Post
Remember Obama’s stolen teleprompter and podium? Yeah, so do comedians

southernlizzie southernlizzie
Conan: Obama Recently Had His Teleprompter Stolen, and You Can Definitely Tell – Teleprompter – Fox…

Conan: Obama Without His TelePrompTer Is Like, Well, This (Video)

DaveGraveline Dave Graveline
Obama’s teleprompter was stolen Monday. When asked for comment, the president had absolutely nothing to say.

Searching for teleprompter in Google News produces this result:

Republicans, comedians, and the media start using the word teleprompter, stolen, and Obama in the same sentence, and enough people go to Google to find out what a teleprompter is.   Unless you have done video yourself (very few of us), taken a tour of a television studio, or seen a televised speech live, then it is surprise you may not be familiar with it.  It is kind of interesting that the people who report the news see these teleprompters all the time.  To them, it is probably surprising that so many people are not familiar with them. 

This is one case where the Google trends provides an insight into mass ignorance on what a teleprompter is and their curiosity to find out.


What is a teleprompter?

It is a device the puts words in front of the camera.  The person that is being recorded can read the words while looking directly into the camera, and the audience watching the recording will not see the words.


Here is a YouTube video that explains it:

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