The power of the Internet in your car

Autonet Mobile is offering a device and service that will let you connect your wifi devices to the internet from your car.

Costs:  $595 for the device and $39 per month.

Speeds:  download: 600-800Kbps; uploads 200Kbps

Range:  within 100 ft from the car

Service area is not mentioned.  But it does say 3G and 2.5G (EVDO and 1xRTT) are both supported and that this provides nationwide travel.

The one thing I would like to know is how much energy the device uses and about what it would take to power it while the car is off.  This could provide residental access too, since your car is probably at home when you are at home.  Plus it could provide access when you are at family picnics, swim meets, etc.  It actually might be more interesting to not have it mounted in the car but in a portable device so it can be a hotspot where ever you are….

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