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Art of Effective Delegation

Last week I attended a company workshop which had one hour dedicated to time management and effective delegation.  There are many directions to delegate: Up, Down, and Sideways.  Delegate UP when you need more support.  Delegate sideways when others provide a service that is dependable and more efficient than doing it on your own.  Or… Read More »

New Ultralearning Project: Can You Learn to Draw Realistic Portraits in One Month?

New Ultralearning Project: Can You Learn to Draw Realistic Portraits in One Month?       Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain     Portrait Drawing – The Complete Online Course      

Cristina Gatti

Cristina Gatti is a singer with Post Modern Jukebox.   Here are links to some of her songs.  

LilyPond = LaTex for Music!!

LaTeX is used to format math and science papers.  It is a markup language (similar to what HTML is for the web). LilyPond ( is a markup language for writing musical scores.     Fescobaldi ( a Python program that makes it easy to write the LilyPond code and see the resulting script.    … Read More »

The Interstellar Team

Here are some of the grand prize entries from previous years: The Freyr Project [8.0 MB] 2015 Greenspace [27.1 MB] 2014 (tie) VONA [12.4 MB] 2014 (tie) Maui [5.5 MB] 2013 The Kon Tiki [3.7 MB] 2012 (tie) Aurora: Earth Orbiting Settlement [10.3 MB] 2012 (tie) Hyperion Space Settlement [11 MB] 2011 Aresam [10.5 MB]… Read More »

Benjamin Zander: The transformative power of classical music

Two sales men go to Africa in the late 1800s to see if there is an potential to sell shoes.  One of them telegraphs back (telegraph here does not refer to an iPhone app, but rather a mode of communication the predates the internet, which didn’t always exist), “There is no potential here, no one… Read More »

Watch “Ellen DeGeneres with The treadmill freak 2 April 2015” on YouTube

Ellen DeGeneres with The treadmill freak 2 April 2015:  

Dining Etiquette & Table Management

Found this wonderful video on dining etiquette & table management.  

Simple Tablet Wall Mount

We have been slowly collecting tablets in the form of iPad (original), iPad mini, HP slates, and recently through a purchase of 2 RCA slates that we got for $65 from Walmart during the most recent black Friday sale. My wife had a good idea of mounting one in the laundry room so that she… Read More »

Conferences I Hope to Attend in 2015

Quantified Self March 13-15, 2015 San Francisco, CA Registration Fee: $499 QS15 is a two-day working meeting of pioneering self-trackers, toolmakers, artists, designers and engineers, followed by a grand, day-long, public exposition. Please join us as we inspire each other with our self-tracking projects, try out new tools, and shape the future of Quantified Self.… Read More »