How not to build a service


Who is your customer?

What are you building?

What do you know about your customer?  how do you fit in their lives?  Pricing?  Marketing?

Build a good trial

target audience> trials > customer

Eating your own dogfood…


No integrated billing…

Ruby in the Computer Science Classroom

Speaker James McGuffee, Ph.D.

Associate Professor

Tips and Tricks for Tweaking and Using Ruby and Rails for a Distributed Enterprise Application

speaker: Francis Sullivan


Spiceworks overview

updating remote installations

performance of ruby

avoiding deadlock

extensions for adding and modifying

scanner tweaks



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A Year of Innovation

with Gregg Pollack and Jason Seifer

HPricot – good for scraping websites

doc = Hpricot(open(“”)


Juggernaut – lets you do server push with rails


create SQL statements



– easy ruby based PDF generation


Ruby VMs

roo – spreadsheets

can open google docs!



skynet – map reduce for ruby


Data Fabric – easy chart data


Mack Framework

Sinatra – easy quick way to build web application

Webby – generate static websites – rake task to

shoes – dsl for generating GUI applications

Hackety Hack – help kids learn programming


redmine –

Pool Party

RAD – Ruby Arduino Development – electronics (build robots)


Adhearsion – builds astrics – Voip


create a web frame work with only interfacing with Rack…




Starling – a light weight server for reliable distributed messageing

Ruby EventMachine


Thin – fast, fast server..


NeverBlock – really fast web server for Ruby…

Ruby: Past, Present, and Future

Yukihiro “Matz” Matsumoto

(creator of Ruby)

4,000 years ago we had one language (Babel)

That one language was “Fortran” 🙂

Hired by NaCl  – open source integrated

1999 – First book published

It should be “Rails on Ruby” since Rails is a DSL for the web built with Ruby…

Sometimes Smart People:  Just don’t understand the nature of ordinary brains..


Flexibility <–>Understandability


Ruby became “Enterprisy”

“There are under one million professional Ruby developer now and were projecting there will be four million plus by 2013”

Mark Driver, an analyst at Gartner (

Ruby focuses on programmers NOT computers.

Primary goal is to enjoy programming…

Matz: “I love meters”


Question from the audience: “Do you think you are learning how humans related to world by creating a language?”

Double-click to wow

Evan Phoenix – keynote…

Works for EngineYard – Rubinus lead developer (

meme – an element of a culture or system of behavior that may be considered to be passed from one individual to another by nongenetic means, esp. imitation


alias_method_chain is AOP…


_why's self-portrait from Why's (poignant) Guide to Ruby


Zed Shaw


PickAxe book online


in the ruby community, ideas spread quickly.. Things change quickly…

Who doesn’t like it?  The Enterprise… They consider it dangerous… (could he be talking about EA?)

Ruby in the Cloud

Mike Subelsky

cofounder of “”

Rush = Ruby Shell






managing virtual servers using Pool Party..

Building and Maintaining a Ruby Infrastructure


Speakers: jeremey Hinegardner and Fernand Galiana

Work for:  Collect Intellect


gems:  amalgalite rabal htauth heel launchy …



mole – tells you about your rails application and it being used…


ZiYa – charting the rails

World 1 – the grab bag world..

World 2 – the plugins world

World 3 – Gems – the one true path:


Primordial Gem – developer tools. – new project generation  -bones, consistent project layout, common tasks, base classes, etc..


Schema Management

Cruise Control – continuous integration’


~>  (twiddle wakka) 

~> 1.1 <=> 1.1.*

“~>” in dependency spec for Ruby Gems will ignore the “3rd” part of the version…

Should have a Internal Gem Server


Stickler – manage an internal gem server  (work in progress)