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CodeForces gives you programming problems and contests.  You can choose to solve them in many different languages including Python. Once you get an account, go to problem sets and sort by solved from “highest to lowest”.  This will give you the easiest problems first. I have made just a little progress.  But I… Read More »

CodingBat, CloudCoder,, CodeMirror, and

CodingBat CodingBat is a free site of live coding problems to build coding skill in Java, and now in Python (example problem), created by Nick Parlante who is computer science lecturer at Stanford. The coding problems give immediate feedback, so it’s an opportunity to practice and solidify understanding of the concepts. The problems could… Read More »

Find all Palindromes between 1 and 10,000 in multiple bases

  # Find all numbers between 1 to 10,000 which are palindromes in more than one base def digit_to_char(digit): if digit < 10: return str(digit) return chr(ord(‘a’) + digit – 10) def str_base(number,base): if number < 0: return ‘-‘ + str_base(-number, base) (d, m) = divmod(number, base) if d > 0: return str_base(d, base) +… Read More »

Coding Contests and other Python resources

  I have been looking at some of the various contest problems.  Every year HP sponsors a contest called HP CodeWars and looking through some of the problems, the kids should be able to solve some (with minor modifications of the problems) today.  I have printed out a handful which we can give to the… Read More »

First Python Class for kids

A fellow parent and I are working on putting together a Python class for our middle school children.  In the first lesson, planning to cover: Install Python on your computer Using IDLE interactively to explore String Variables if/else while Boolean logic Integers Create Python files Here is the PowerPoint file we have so far: Tutorial01-basic-NathanEdits… Read More »

Logging 3 photo-resistors

  I have three photoresistors in my study that are measuring light coming from 3 directions and showing the live and historical data on the graphs below. How did I do it? Simple circuit.  Here is how the Arduino is hooked up.  (The resistors are 10k.) /* Simple test of the functionality of the photo… Read More »

Microsoft Excel – Clean function – calling functions from VBS – Accessing files from VBS on Mac

Today I have been working on importing a text file into Excel and using VBS to do some processing and transformation of it.  In the process I found 3 things worth sharing/commenting on: 1) You may be familiar with the “trim()” function in Excel and in VBS.  It removes extra white spaces in a string.… Read More »

First Two Weeks of Summer

“Can’t talk now… I’m on a schedule.”  “No, I have no time to meet this week.”  “Really focused, can’t think about that right now.”  If you have talked to me in the past two weeks, you have probably heard something like that.  Also, you may have noticed that I have been a little slow on… Read More »

I met Matz, the creator of Ruby

Earlier this month, I attended the Lone Star Ruby Conference in Austin. Yukihiro Matsumoto (Matz), the creator of Ruby, was there.  We got to meet and talk.  He is a very nice person. Here is a picture of (from left to right) me, Matz, and Daya. The previous posts are random notes that I took… Read More »

Merb – The pocket rocket framework

Yehuda Katz jQuery, merb, datamapper