Hindi sounds program

In order to learn the Hindi script, I plan to create a program that would display all the symbols in Devenegari.  It would allow for you to “add speakers” and then allow for you to record each symbol’s sound by clicking on it in record mode.

Then it would allow for you to select a speaker, click on the symbol, and hear the sound.  Later, I plan to create quizes around this association of the sound to the symbol.

I had considered writing the program in C#/.Net.  But I can find no easy way to record/play audio.  It seems that it should be built in and simple.

However, I found this article about recording/playing sounds in Access. support.microsoft.com/?kbid=210067

Check back in a few days, I might have something for you to see 🙂

If you know of any program that does this or of an easy way to record sound in C#, please leave it in the comments below.

Typing in Devenagari/Hindi on Windows

In order to type in Hindi, you need to follow these steps:

1) Download and install Hindi LIP (Language Interface Pack) for the version of Windows that you are running from bhashaindia.com/Downloadsv2/Category.aspx?ID=2

2) Go to the Control Panel

3) Open The “Regional and Language Options” applet

4) Click the “Languages” tab

5) Click “Details”

6) Ensure that you have “Hindi” in the list.  Otherwise click “Add” and find it in the popup list.

7) Click on the “Language Bar” button. Check the following options and hit “OK”: “Show the Language bar on the desktop”, “Show additional Language bar icons in the taskbar”, “Show text labels on the Language bar”.

8) Click “Key Settings”

9) Select “Switch to English” and click “Change Key Sequence”.

10) Check “Enable Key Sequence”, “left Alt”, and “1” for Key and click “OK”

11) Select “Switch to Hindi” and click “Change Key Sequence”.

12) Check “Enable Key Sequence”, “left Alt”, and “2” for Key and click “OK”

13) Click “OK” on all the opened windows.  You will be prompted to reboot.

Now you will have a language bar that will allow for you to switch between the English and Hindi keyboards.  You will also be able to switch to English by pressing “Left Alt” + “Shift” + 1 and to Hindi by pressing “Left Alt” + “Shift” + 2.  This will allow for you to quickly switch between the two scripts which will be key when making studying material, doing translations, and creating Hindi exercises.

 Hindi Keyboard Stickers:



You should save the keyboard layout some place easy to refer to for the Hindi script.  Also, you might want to print it out.  You can find it on IBM’s site at: Keyboard Layout