Who is Jerome Harrison?

He is trending as #2 at the moment according to Google Trends.


Jerome Harrison is a NFL player.  Born on February 26, 1983 in Kalamazoo Michigan.  He was playing as #36 for the Detroit Lions and is now #33 for the Philadelphia Eagles. He had previously been with the Philadelphia Eagles in 2010 and before that he had played from 2006-2010 for the Cleveland Browns. 

My youngest son has just started to play football.  One question we have been asking ourselves is “What does it take to be a NFL player?”  Not that this is something we are all really interested in, but it is worth noting that to become a good football player requires dedication, practice, and good coaching.

You can see a lot of these changes by comparing the Wikipedia.org article changes from August 10, 2011 with the latest:


It is interesting to see the date and frequencies of the changes to the article:  en.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?title=Jerome_Harrison&action=history

January 2011 – 1 edit

February 2011 – no edits

March 2011 – 1 edit

May 2011 – 1 edit

July 2011 – 3 edits

August 2011 – 8 edits

September 2011 – no edits

October 2011 – 5 edits

If you were following a football player or other sports figure at one point in their career, and you needed to see what changes occurred between the time you last knew them and now, then the Wikipedia.org history feature could be a good way to focus on the changes.  

Also, it would be interesting to see how the frequency in edits is changing across wikipedia articles.  Is there a tool out there that does this? 

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