Mitt Romney, Rob Paul, and Newt Gingrich

Mitt Romney is #9, Ron Paul #10, and Newt Gingrich is #17.  It is interesting to see these 3 but not see Rick Perry or Herman Cain on the list..  Is that because people already know about Rick Perry and Herman Cain but want to find out more about Romney, Paul, and Gringrich?  Or does it mean there really is more interest in these three?



Actually, looking at wikipedia, there are quite a few GOP presidential candidates that are missing:

Why have these three made it into the Google Trends top 20?

Doing a Google News search for Romney doesn’t suggest much:


It does probably indicate why Newt made the list.  Apparently at the recent debate there was some interest in the interaction between Romney and Gringrich.

Google News search for Ron Paul does not generate many clues either:



A little bit more about Newt Gingrich in Google News:


Interesting headlines:

Palin: Gingrich won the debate
Go, Newt, Go! Gingrich Super Committee Slam Highlights GOP Fashion
Newt Gingrich Under Your Mistletoe? Merry Caucus Campaign, Iowa!


Definitely the most advocative results of the three. 

Romney related tweets of interest:

kathygriffin Kathy Griffin
Wow watching @CNN @AndersonCooper host GOP debate.Romney/Perry girl fight reminding me of a "Bad Girls Club" spring break

GlobeMCramer Maria Cramer
Perry v. Romney: The story that started it all: Illegal immigrants toiled for governor – The Boston Globe #WH2012

thinkprogress ThinkProgress
Romney reveals details of Medicare plan: "We’re going to give people vouchers."

stevebenen Steve Benen
Romney last night: "I want to reduce taxes on middle-income families." Problem: he really doesn’t

RonPaul Tweets:

RonPaul Ron Paul
"I say we replace the income tax with NOTHING" #CNNDebate #RonPaul #GOP2012 #tcot #tlot #teaparty #economy

lewrockwell Lew Rockwell
‘Ron’s Best Night’: Writes Todd McAdams: "It was Ron’s best night so far since the "heavyweights"… #tcot @ronpaul

ketelsen Katie Ketelsen
First political tweet: The more I hear #RonPaul speak the more I like him.

Gringrich related tweets:

SuPerlative73 Sudan Life |718
Gringrich & Santorum were not invited to the after debate party festivities… Because they were described as quote…"Not Ballers!"

thesportsexpert Riker Kasamoto
Love reading all these tweets about the #GOP. Gringrich is getting a lot of support and everybody hates Rick Perry.

PullOutKing Money Mitch
Dog there’s no way I would vote for a candidate named "NewtGringrich" naww get’em outta here

tdkelly Tim Kelly
If we have to listen to Newt Gringrich for seven 3-hour debates, the terrorists have already won.

Still not much insight into why these three are suddenly of interest and the other ones are not..

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