Building and Maintaining a Ruby Infrastructure


Speakers: jeremey Hinegardner and Fernand Galiana

Work for:  Collect Intellect


gems:  amalgalite rabal htauth heel launchy …



mole – tells you about your rails application and it being used…


ZiYa – charting the rails

World 1 – the grab bag world..

World 2 – the plugins world

World 3 – Gems – the one true path:


Primordial Gem – developer tools. – new project generation  -bones, consistent project layout, common tasks, base classes, etc..


Schema Management

Cruise Control – continuous integration’


~>  (twiddle wakka) 

~> 1.1 <=> 1.1.*

“~>” in dependency spec for Ruby Gems will ignore the “3rd” part of the version…

Should have a Internal Gem Server


Stickler – manage an internal gem server  (work in progress)

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