Look and Feel update of ISpeakHindi.com

A coworker of mine had created a new template for ISpeakHindi.com.  I got most of the site updated last night.  I had actually taken several pieces from various places and updating the look of the entire site was some what of a challenge.   First their were static pages for the front page, about us, and the dictionary (which was just over 20 pages).  Then there was a PHP script to manage the links directory.  That was straight forward.  Then there was creating a wordpress theme.

I’ve never created a wordpress theme, so I spent several minutes making changes to an existing theme.  Then I decided that I really should try this when I am more awake.  So, that will be tonight’s activity to update the wordpress theme to match the rest of the site.

Go over to www.ISpeakHindi.com and let me know what you think.

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