Waiting at the Houston Intercontinental Airport to leave for Japan

Got up, did last minute packing, and my wife dropped me off at the airport to wait for my trip to Japan.  I went to the check in kiosk, scanned my passport, got my boarding pass, and checked in my luggage.

 The luggage is a bit of a concern for me.  I had planned to carry on my suite bag.  But at the last moment I decided to check it in because I have never had a bag lost (I did lose a picture one time) my confidence is fairly high that all my bags will arrive there.

Also, I’m bringing an empty suitecase to bring back things I buy in Japan.  I put another suitcase in this suit case.   I had originally planned to seperate them.  Imagine this scenario:

empty suitcase has the luggage tag.  inside suitcase that has everything does not.  The bag gets inspected.  And during the inspection process, the two bags get seperated.  The empty one shows up in Tokyo but the one with my things does not.

A friend of mine had given me a guest pass to Continental’s President’s club.  This is a really nice place.  I have to see how to get a permenant pass to this place.  There are desks to setup computers, theater room to watch TV in nice comfortable chairs, beagles, orange juice, a complimentry bar, and lots of other things.  I definately think I need to start flying in business class.  Maybe our next trips.


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